New on CDIAC HIPPO -- HIPPO transition to EOL UCAR

Added September 26, 2017: HIPPO transition to EOL UCAR. The merged data products and documentation found on this website are now accessible at

Added November 6, 2014: HIPPO Flight Tracks in Google Earth *.kmz file were updated to fix minor errors. No changes to measurement data files.
Added October 13, 2014: New Subsetting Tool for 10-Second Merged Data now available. Subet by mission, spatial and temporal extent, and select desired measurements. (
Added June 6, 2014: Users please be advised that an updated version of "HIPPO Pressure-Weighted Mean Total, 10-km, and 100-m Interval Column Concentrations" was posted today. Changes were made to the the HIPPO_profiles_100m_intervals_ 20140519.tbl file. The GGLON values for 9 profiles were updated. Nine individual longitude values close to +/- 180 degrees were changed. No latitude changes. The other four files in this data set have not changed. Changes are described in the User's Guide documentation.

This site is now open for data and documentation download. If you encounter any problems don't hesitate to contact the development team at: .