HIPPO MEDUSA Flask Sample Trace Gas and Isotope Data

Data Use: MEDUSA served several roles in the HIPPO. It acted as a discretely-sampled comparison for onboard (“in-situ”) real-time O2/N2 ratio measurements from the AO2 instrument; as a redundant measurement of CO2; and as the only measurement of a


This data set provides atmospheric trace gas concentrations of flask samples collected with the Multiple Enclosure Device for Unfractionated Sampling of Air (MEDUSA) on Missions 1 - 5 of the HIAPER Pole-to-Pole Observations (HIPPO) of the Carbon Cycle and Greenhouse Gases Study. The Missions took place from January of 2009 to September 2011.

Data Processing: 

MEDUSA flask sample results were joined with selected variables from concurrent Merged 1-second data (cite 1-second). This product accounts for flask fill dynamics by aggregating the 1-second data by weighted averages according to the sample kernel for each flask.

Values in this file are identical to those in the discrete file, but presented here for MEDUSA flasks alone, with additional MEDUSA diagnostic information, and without a correction for the Scripps-NOAA CO2 scale offsets.

More Details: 

A supplementary file is provided with this product that summarizes the completeness of the reported data values. (http://hippo.ornl.gov/index.php?q=filedepot_download/28/50) The completeness entries are the number of non-missing observations for each species in the main data file for each mission and in total. The number of observation given for species “jd” is the maximum number of possible non-missing observations per mission.