HIPPO Combined Discrete Flask and GC Sample GHG, Halocarbon, and Hydrocarbon Data

Data Use: Comparison of whole air sample and slower-sample GC measurements with continuous measurement results.


This data set contains the results of analyses of discrete samples from the on-board in situ PANTHER or UCATS GC instruments and the analyses of flask samples collected by the AWAS, NWAS, or MEDUSA whole air flask samplers for all Missions, 1 through 5, of the HIAPER Pole-to-Pole Observations (HIPPO) study of carbon cycle and greenhouse gases. The Missions took place from January of 2009 to September 2011.

Data Processing: 

Each row of the data file contains the results for all of measurements of a discrete sample performed on one of several instruments.
The column titled ‘INSTRUMENT’ indicates which instrument / laboratory made a particular discrete measurement: 1 =AWAS/U.Miami, 2 = NWAS/NOAA+CU, 3 = PantherMSD/NOAA, 4 = MEDUSA/Scripps, 5 = UCATS GC/NOAA, and 6 = PantherECD/NOAA.

Adjustments to measurements from AWAS/U.Miami flasks were made for differences in calibration scales between NWAS/NOAA and U. Miami analyses for species that were measured by both laboratories. The U.Miami’s PI is developing documentation about how these adjustments were made.

More Details: 

A supplementary file is provided with this product that summarizes the completeness of the reported data values. (http://hippo.ornl.gov/index.php?q=filedepot_download/28/39) The completeness entries are the number of non-missing observations for each species in the main data file for each mission and in total. The number of observation given for species “jd” is the maximum number of possible non-missing observations per mission.