HIPPO Pressure-Weighted Mean Total, 10-km, and 100-m Interval Column Concentrations

Data Use:This data set provides high-resolution vertically-resolved global atmospheric trace gas and aerosol data pertinent to understanding the carbon cycle and challenging global climate models.


This data set has files for pressure-weighted column mean concentrations and vertical profiles in 100-m intervals. The pressure-weighted mean column concentrations of parameters reported in this data set are estimates of the quantities that would be observed from a total column instrument at the top of each profile, i.e., from an airplane looking down or from a satellite (but without the upper atmosphere contribution). Measurements were taken from the dedicated HIPPO Gulfstream V (GV) research aircraft. These are the mean concentrations for each defined profile. There were 787 profiles flown during all 5 Missions. There are five space-delimited format ASCII files included with this data set. They have been compressed into one *.zip file for convenient download.

Data Processing: 

These mean concentrations are derived from results reported in the Merged 10-second data product (cite). Included with each observation are averaged NSF/NCAR G-V aircraft altitude, latitude, and longitude position measurements.
Only observations meeting "profile flight criteria" were used in these calculations. Level flight periods were excluded. Values from the 10-second merge data set have been aggregated as pressure-weighted mean concentrations for the defined vertical column intervals.
Pressure-weighted mean concentrations were calculated over the specified altitude interval, where PWMC=sum(parameter*PSXC)/sum(PSXC). PSXC is the reference static pressure from the GV Paroscientific Model 1000 sensor. Intervals with no measurements are “NA”.

More Details: 

Total column weights. This file has a similar structure to the total column mean file but after the first 4 rows gives the fraction of the pressure-weighted column sampled for each species. Column Weight Data are included in the zipped file.